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Yes. ⛺
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    “I’m an adult.” I whisper as I eat my fifth bag of M&M’s, still not yet dressed at 2:00pm and press play on a cartoon meant for children ages 6-11. 

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    can’t wait till all my friends get married and have nice weddings with open bars

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    New kind of workout:

    • Compliment 3 things about your body while looking in the mirror
    • Say 5 nice things about your character
    • Name 3 things to work on forgiving yourself for
    • List 3+ things you are good at
    • Name 10 kind things you have done
    • Write down 5 accomplishments you’ve achieved
    • Name 3 areas in which you’ve made progress since this time last year
    • Name 3 fears you’ve overcome in your life
    • Name 3 things that make you a good friend

    For when you are feeling a little down.



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